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MP3 Playlist | Theme - Road Trip
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Mellow II

Artist Song
Bookends Theme  Simon & Garfunkel 
Blame-qui  Gregory and the Hawk 
Such Great Heights  Iron & Wine 
Braille  Regina Spektor 
Volcano  Damien Rice 
Nude  Radiohead 
Sea of Love  Cat Power 
Everything Starts Where It Ends  Lovedrug 
Isabelle  Gregory and the Hawk 
Follow The Cops Back Home  Placebo 
A Rush of Blood to the Head  Coldplay 
Awakening  Mae 
Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse  Minus the Bear 
The Blower's Daughter  Damien Rice 
How to Save a Life  the Fray 
Talk Show Host  Radiohead 
In the Air Tonight  Phil Collins 
Two-Headed Boy, Pt. 2  Neutral Milk Hotel 
Mr. Blue  Catherine Feeny 
Mad World  Gary Jules 
Scared of Myself  Simon Dawes 
Ruby Falls  Guster 
Hide and Seek  Imogen Heap 
Memory and Honesty  Gregory and the Hawk 
Handcuffs  Brand New 
Videotape  Radiohead 
Needle in the Hay  Elliot Smith 


i listen to this when i'm really down or i need to mellow out.

it's called mellow II b/c the original mellow playlist was lost in a terrible computer incident.


Date: 2/17/2008
I absolutely love mellow mixes. I've been working on one myself. I don't know all of these but the ones I do know I like. I think it makes it all the better considering Mellow I was lost.