woke up way too late, feeling hungover & old.

Artist Song
the tossers  no loot, no booze, no fun 
the thin man  no fun 
fugazi  furniture 
oingo boingo  private life 
mr. lewis & the funeral 5  black coffee night 
murder city devils  every shitty thing 
dax riggs  demon tied to a chair in my brain 
reverend glasseye  belle's palsy 
cowboy junkies  me and the devil 
nick cave and the bad seeds  people ain't no good 
radiohead  we suck young blood 
elliott smith  between the bars 
ben folds five  evaporated 
jets to brazil  i typed for miles 
ben weaver  sorrow 
the magnetic fields  love is like a bottle of gin 
joy division  she's lost control 
venus de mars  mother fucker 


yeah. things are bad. title from the ben folds five track.


Date: 3/7/2008
Difficult to wake up late with Fugazi exploding out of the speakers. Hope things improve and don't lose control.