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I've Been Hit!

Side A
Artist Song
Tally Hall  The Bidding 
We Are Scientists  It's A Hit 
Tapes n' Tapes  Headshock 
Dirty On Purpose  Mind Blindness 
Cathrine Wheel  Black Metallic 
Side B
Intramural (featuring Tricia Kanne of Minipop)  Spy 
Menomena  Wet and Rustling 
Scissors for Lefty  Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home 
Sound Team  You've Never Lived A Day 
(I'm filling out these feilds  for the sake of symmetry.) 


Just a short sampling of stuff I've been listening to lately. I hate that there are only 9 songs on it but there's nothing else I want to put on it so I have to live with it, I guess.


Date: 3/7/2008
Full on LOVE 5/6ths of these artists. Huge love for Menomena. It's fate, we must be destined because I'd be slightly irked by the non symmetry myself.