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Real [Beatle] Love

Artist Song
The Beatles  Real Love 
The Beatles  I Call Your Name 
The Beatles  I Want To Hold Your Hand 
The Beatles  All My Lovin [Live on Ed Sullivan] 
The Beatles  Shout [Anthology. Isley brothers cover] 
The Beatles  You Know What To Do [Anthology 1] 
The Beatles  She Loves You 
The Beatles  Roll Over Beethoven [Live at the BBC Chuck Berry cover] 
The Beatles  Things We Said Today 
The Beatles  Sweet Little Sixteen [Live at the BBC. Chuck Berry cover] 
The Beatles  I'll Follow The Sun 
The Beatles  Ticket To Ride 
The Beatles  You Like Me Too Much 
The Beatles  Please Please Me 
The Beatles  I Saw Her Standing There 
The Beatles  Tell Me Why 
The Beatles  I'm Down 
The Beatles  Rain 


As you can clearly see I've been listen to a lot of the Beatles lately. : ) Most of it is early stuff, with the exception of the first track and the last track. I have also thrown in some covers. No real running order, so feel free to mess around with it if you happen to reproduce it. I just kinda threw this together in about 10 minutes.


Date: 3/20/2008
hard to go wrong with the beatles.
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 3/21/2008
Good picks from the Anthology and BBC collections. That's a great rendition of Shout. (And y'know, I think I'll use that cover on my next mix!)

I've also got a thing for Things We Said Today, an atypically somber McCartney tune which some may easily overlook. And I'm Down and Rain are some of the classiest B-sides in music history!