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I Don't Want the World: Basic TMBG

Side A
Artist Song
We're the Replacements  (Misc. T) 
Destination: Moon  (John Henry) 
Why Does the Sun Shine?  (WTDSS? single) 
Birdhouse in Your Soul  (Flood) 
Till My Head Falls Off  (Factory Showroom) 
Snail Shell  (John Henry) 
Spider  (Apollo 18) 
Doctor Worm  (Severe Tire Damage) 
Sensurround  (S-E-X-X-Y EP) 
Exquisite Dead Guy  (Factory Showroom) 
Ondine  (Back to Skull EP) 
Rhythm Section Want Ad  (They Might Be Giants) 
Lucky Ball & Chain  (Flood) 
I Should Be Allowed to Think  (John Henry) 
Kiss Me, Son of God  (Lincoln) 
She's an Angel  (They Might Be Giants) 
Side B
They Got Lost (live)  (Severe Tire Damage) 
Subliminal  (John Henry) 
Nightgown of the Sullen Moon  (Misc T) 
Till My Head Falls Off  (Factory Showroom) 
Purple Toupee  (Lincoln) 
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes  (Severe Tire Damage) 
Sleeping in the Flowers  (John Henry) 
The Bells Are Ringing  (Factory Showroom) 
Narrow Your Eyes  (Apollo 18) 
Ana Ng  (Lincoln) 
For Science  (Misc. T) 
S-E-X-X-Y  (Factory Showroom) 
I Palindrome I   (Apollo 18) 
Twisting  (Flood) 
Don't Let's Start  (They Might Be Giants) 
The End of the Tour  (John Henry) 


I didn't see any TMBG-only mixes here, and i figure if there's gonna be a single-artist mix, They Might Be Giants are a good choice, seeing as how they have probably 150 or so songs to choose from, and even more looking into the more obscure unreleased songs, bootlegs, etc (which I mostly didn't, thanks in part to their newer live album)... this could function as either a beginner's-guide to TMBG (a few "test" songs, ie, if you hate this song, might wanna steer clear of the band... and I didn't put every single all-out awesome song of theirs on it, so it's not a case of not wanting albums if you like the tape)... or a stand-alone "sorta best-of".. probably slightly better as the former, but i'm biased, i think these guys are one of the best bands out there, easily. (of course, if you're a big TMBG fan, you probably don't need my advice in making someone a TMBG tape.. oh well)