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Side A
Artist Song
DISC ONE  compiled by Captain Hi-Top (CH
DP: The Beatles  Hey Bulldog (1968) 
CH: Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros  Coma Girl (2003) 
DP: The New York Dolls  Jet Boy (1973) 
CH: Warren Zevon  Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner (1978) 
DP: Black Sabbath  Hole In The Sky (1975) 
CH: Captain Beyond  Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air) (1972) 
DP: Pearl Jam  Rearviewmirror (1993) 
CH: Mike Watt (w / Eddie Vedder)  Against The 70's (1995) 
DP: Manic Street Preachers  Faster (1994) 
CH: Little Village  Solar Sex Panel (1992) 
DP: Bob Dylan  Desolation Row (1965) 
CH: Leon Russell  A Hard Rain's-A Gonna Fall (1971) 
DP: Led Zeppelin  Trampled Underfoot (1975) 
CH: Blind Melon  Out On The Tiles (1995) 
DP: Queen  Who Wants To Live Forever (1986) 
CH: Spooky Tooth  Evil Woman (1969) 
Side B
DISC TWO  compiled by Darth Pazuzu (DP
CH: Sebastian Bach (w / Axl Rose)  Back In The Saddle (2007) 
DP: Metallica  Holier Than Thou (1991) 
CH: Depeche Mode  Policy Of Truth (1990) 
DP: Hanoi Rocks  Two Steps From The Move (1984) 
CH: The Who  God Speaks Of Marty Robbins (2006) 
DP: Mott The Hoople  Violence (1973) 
CH: Traffic  Feelin' Alright (1968) 
DP: Television  Torn Curtain (1977) 
CH: The Ramones  7 And 7 Is (1993) 
DP: Van Der Graaf Generator  The Sleepwalkers (1975) 
CH: Monster Magnet  Wall Of Fire (2007) 
DP: The Doors  Five To One (1968) 
CH: Helloween  Paint A New World (2007) 
DP: Ennio Morricone  Magic And Ecstasy (from Exorcist II: The Heretic) (1977) 
CH: Dio  All The Fools Sailed Away (1987) 
DP: King Crimson  One More Red Nightmare (1974) 


Well, quite some time ago, Captain Hi-Top (The Love Commander) and myself (The Daemon Knight) decided to join forces and collaborate on a mix! First, I sent a list of possible song candidates via e-mail to the Captain. And based on that list, he compiled DISC ONE, al-ternating back and forth between my songs and his songs.

Then, Hi-Top sent me a copy of that mix along with a bonus disc of potential canidates for a second possible collaboration. How thoughtful! Based on that, I put my own compilation together (DISC TWO). There were a few tracks on the candidate disc which didn't make my final cut: Pearl Jam's Wash, Moby Grape's Sitting By The Window, the Screaming Trees' cover of John Lennon's Working Class Hero, and You Don't Love Me by the Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Stephen Stills supergroup. But stay tuned, for they just may make the cut on our next one! (And in the case of Pearl Jam, we already had a Pearl Jam track on DISC ONE, and based on my rule that I don't put any more than one track by each artist on one of my own double-mix sets, I excluded it.)

The good Captain and I certainly hope you're impressed with the results! For based on both discs, you pretty much get a good idea of how each of us ticks, our tastes and the way we put our mixes together. Actually, I was on the fence for a while as to whether I ought to post our collaborations as separate mixes - or as the double set you see here. I decided that it would be rather cool to put both of them side by side so people would be able to...oh, I don't know...get the "big picture"? (Whatever that may be to any one person!)

In any case, this marks the first collaboration between Captain Hi-Top and myself, and hopefully it won't be the last!
Rock on! :-)


Captain Hi-Top
Date: 4/3/2008
I think this came out great! Just having my first look at disc two, and It look tremendous! Helluva lot of fun.
I hope we do another one! By the way, the last song I cut from disc one was Mink Deville's It's so Easy. It had to go because of time, but I'd like to use it on my next mix o' the month. Thanks for introducing me to it.
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 4/5/2008
Well, I think this came out rather nicely! As far as Darth Pazuzu's contributions are concerned, my three favorites are Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros' Coma Girl, Warren Zevon's Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner, and Captain Beyond's Dancing Madly Backwards (On A Sea Of Air). I've never heard these tracks in their entirety before, and I've got to say that I love all three of them!

I've actually never heard anything from Joe Strummer's post-Clash body of work, so hearing Coma Girl was rather enlightening. From what I've read elsewhere, this was one of the last things he recorded before his death. He still had a surefire songwriting touch, that's for sure.

I've always been aware of Warren Zevon, and anyone who's a regular listener of classic rock radio will know the likes of Werewolves Of London and Lawyers, Guns And Money like the back of their hand. Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner is actually this really cool folk ballad type of song with a rather macabre lyric about an undead soldier of fortune!

For those who don't know, Captain Beyond's frontman Rod Evans was actually the original lead singer for Deep Purple - before Ian Gillan. Captain Beyond was apparently a short-lived heavy/prog/psych outfit from the early '70s. I've known about their existence for years and years, but until now I've actually never heard anything by them. The futuristically bluesy Dancing Madly Backwards has a wickedly cool 5/4 riff that actually sounds like the sort of thing you'd dance backwards to! Very cool, indeed...

As for Leon Russell's cover of Bob Dylan's A Hard Rain's-A Gonna Fall, I've got to say that I found it merely adequate, and it didn't really blow me away. The thing is, that particular Dylan song has got such beautiful lyrics, with this wonderful flow of cascading and disquieting apocalyptic imagery, that I feel like anyone cares to tackle the song really ought to apply a certain kind of energy and passion to it, and I kind of felt that Russell's version was perhaps a bit too laid-back.

Spooky Tooth's another band that I've heard much about but never actually heard, and I must say that Evil Woman was a perfect choice of closer by Captain Hi-Top for DISC ONE! It's this bluesy, doomy epic with heavy organ and guitarwork by Luther Grosvenor (who would later join Stealers Wheel and Mott The Hoople in the mid-'70s).

Elsewhere...I've never been all that interested in a band like Depeche Mode (too electronic for my taste), but I must admit that Policy Of Truth is a great song! I'm familiar with both The Who's God Speaks Of Marty Robbins and The Ramones' 7 And 7 Is. The latter, of course, is a cover of the '60s song by the band Love, the original of which I actually like a little bit better (and which I may put on a later mix myself).

I'm a fan of Monster Magnet myself, and I have yet to get their new disc, so a special thanks to the good Captain for providing me with a preview! I've heard many good things about Helloween, but never got around to getting any of their albums. Paint A New World is also a new track, and is also really good.

Sebastian and Axl's take on the classic Back In The Saddle is admittedly no match for the Aerosmith original, but kudos to them anyway for righteously and whole-heartedly sinking their fangs into it, regardless!
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 4/5/2008
Did I say "Darth Pazuzu's contributions"?! I meant "Captain Hi-Top's contributions"!! Silly me...
Date: 4/12/2008
Those opening four really take the prize.