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All Rock Stars Should Be Drafted & OMFUG

Artist Song
Bollocks  All Rock Stars Should Be Drafted
All Rock Stars Should Be Drafted EP, 1982 
The Avengers  Friends of Mine
Died for Your Sins, 1999 (recorded 1979) 
The Limit  Please Please Me (Beatles cover)
Single, 1978 
Cash Pussies (posthumously features recorded voice of Sid Vicious)  99% is Shit
Cash Pussies EP, 1979 
The Dicks   Rich Daddy
Kill From the Heart, 1981 
The Dickbrains  Walk Away
Bold Beginnings: An Incomplete Collection Of Louisville Punk 1978-1983, 2007 
The Dickies  Manny Moe And Jack
Dawn of the Dickies, 1979 
Dishrags   I Don't Love You
Vancouver Complication (compilation), 1979 
Wipers  Messenger
Over The Edge, 1983 
X  Because I Do
Under the Big Black Sun, 1982 
Generation X   Ready Steady Go
Generation X, 1978 
X-Ray Spex  Identity
Germfree Adolescents, 1978 
Stiff Little Fingers  Suspect Device
Inflammable Material, 1979 
Penetration   Don't Dictate
Moving Targets (Bonus Track Version), 2007 (originally 1977)  
False Prophets  Blind Obedience
Single, 1981 
Peggy Luxbeurk  Univers
Paris Mix, 1982 
Pagans   Little Black Egg (Nightcrawlers cover)
Dead End America 7", 1979 
Plasmatics  Monkey Suit
New Hope for the Wretched, 1980 
Ramones  Listen To My Heart
Ramones, 1976 
Venus and the Razorblades  I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are
Songs from the Sunshine Jungle, 1977 
Dictators  Teengenerate
The Dictators Go Girl Crazy!, 1975 
Siouxsie And The Banshees  Carcass
The Scream, 1977 


A collection of rabble-rousers from 1975-1983.
Filing this under "Punk," which is at least 75-83% accurate.
The mix is arranged so that female voices are heard on the even-numbered tracks.

On the cover, keeping the spirit alive, are Toronto's The Bayonettes.

The title is from track 1. The Bollocks were a Baltimore band who... oh, never mind the

The subtitle is from New York City's seminal punk venue commonly known as "CBGB's" but more
officially as "CBGB & OMFUG."
There has been some revisionism about the meaning of the initials.
But I can tell you - with the full certainty of having lived a few blocks away (Waverly Place) -
that the original meaning was Country, BlueGrass, Blues and
Other Music From the UnderGround.

56mins. A selection of tracks is available for listening at

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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 4/12/2008
Nice 1, Mr. Ed!

Ignore the bores and their laws...
anthony lombardi
Date: 4/12/2008
this looks tremendously neat - lovin' tracks 13 & 18 especially
Date: 4/13/2008
Great noise and great mix. A lot of nice nice surprises among a few of the, ahem, usual suspects...
Date: 4/13/2008
I don't wanna be sedated, I wanna listen to this-real LOUD.
Date: 4/13/2008
Okay I loved this mix just after seeing you included the Dicks and Stiff Little Fingers. Then I saw you included Siouxsie and the Banshee's "Carcass" and immediately had to give you 5 stars.
French Connection
Date: 4/13/2008
Loud is where it's at Ed. Gonna go and shake the house foundations listening to this merci beaucoup.
Date: 4/13/2008
Mux of the week if you ask me Sir. Love this - Suspect Device is a tremendous record.. Hey, Ed, I may join you on muxtape F.M.....
Ken Harris
Date: 4/13/2008
Gabba Gabba Hey, if I do say so myself...Besides the amazing track collection here, your "Oh, never mind the Bollocks" reference had me waxing nostalgic and giggling all at once...Great work!
sport !
Date: 4/13/2008
Funky Ratchet
Date: 4/14/2008
Thoroughly awesome.
joey de vivre
Date: 4/14/2008
X-tra X-citing X-plosive X-ecution here. (But the muxtape link, for me, just displays a track listing, no listening - I must be missing something?)
Date: 4/14/2008
joey de vivre, Muxtape can be a little finicky, but it does work. When you see the listing, just click on any song title, give it a few seconds to buffer, and then the song starts playing. It seems to be more responsive in Explorer than in Firefox, but they both work.

Pls let me know if that helps. If not, maybe we will smash a guitar on it like Wendy O. Williams (of the Plasmatics) would have done.
Date: 4/14/2008
I used to say Wendy O. Williams was my mother, since we have the same middle initial and last name. your mix is on fire, Ed. the hottest bits are The Limit, False Prophets, Stiff Little Fingers, Plasmatics, The Dickbrains, Cash Pussies and, of course, X. this was a delightful walk down memory lane... or more like a swagger down memory alley.
Date: 4/14/2008
Gave this a listen earlier today: totally in my face! Loved it.
DJ Karen Adams
Date: 4/14/2008
Date: 4/15/2008
Fantastic! Even just reading the tracklisting you can feel the explosion of it all. I love the way you've arranged it too - nice work.
p the swede
Date: 4/15/2008
a nice bit of my youth here, esp 11-14 and 19-22
Date: 4/17/2008
Bollocks! indeed. This mix is a geezer, and thats brahma -- in the best possible way of course. 1-2-3-4...
Date: 4/17/2008
Salad days they were, I must say. The mix brings back memories, although most of those are rather clouded.
Mark Petruccelli
Date: 4/18/2008
Killer stuff, still potent after all these years.
Date: 4/18/2008
I love love LOVE x-ray spex
Date: 10/21/2008
hey mixxer !

yeah, i had been busy getting ready for the move south and then bouncing around for a few months until school started. i notice that you haven't posted a mix for awhile either - was this due to the scripting issue ?

i guess the one good thing that's come of that is the fact that a mix can last 10 days before scrolling off the latest 100 *grin*

and yes, it was a blustery bleak day on the coast the day the party was held outdoors - even in july, you have to pay attention to the weather up north !
Date: 8/11/2009
nice. "Manny Moe And Jack" is a sweet Dickies song.