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It Tastes Like You But Sweeter! A Soundtrack Fit for "Closer"

Artist Song
Ivy  While We're in Love 
dialogue  'What's your name?' 
dialogue  'Do you live here?' 
dialogue  'I can't see my little eyes' 
The Afghan Whigs  Be Sweet 
dialogue  'I've got to see you' 
dialogue  'I'm not a thief, Alice' 
The Cardigans  Losers 
dialogue  Larry meets Anna at the aquarium 
dialogue  Larry meets Alice at the gallery 
dialogue  'Is he here, your bloke?' 
Boa  Twilight 
Pedro the Lion  Rapture 
Elastica  My Sex 
dialogue  'This will hurt' 
dialogue  'Dan, can I still see you?' 
PJ Harvey  Shame 
dialogue  Larry's tirade, part I 
dialogue  Larry's tirade, part II 
dialogue  Larry's tirade, part III 
Jawbox  Savory 
Elvis Costello & the Attractions  I Want You [single version] 
dialogue  The restaurant deal 
dialogue  'You slept with him, didn't you?' 
dialogue  '(Lying) is the currency of the world' 
Gang of Four  Damaged Goods 
dialogue  'I want Anna back' 
dialogue  'You don't know the first thing about love' 
Sonic Youth  Unmade Bed 
dialogue  'Without it we're animals' 


31. The Cure- This Is a Lie (Palmer mix)
32. dialogue- 'I don't love you anymore'
33. The Rapture- Infatuation


For this mix, I dip into the past. When I saw the movie "Closer," I liked it a lot. The acting is top-notch, as is the writing. But the soundtrack didn't work for me. I didn't believe "The Blower's Daughter" by Damien Rice fit Dan, Jude Law's character. It spoke to the character's tragic flaws, but it was too gentle and measured. I mean, it's violin-driven. When Rice sings, "Can't take my eyes off you," his voice is so fragile it's nearly cracking. Dan's not like that. As the first of the four characters to cheat, he's a man ruled by the id. He sees, he wants, he takes.
But to me, the most out-of-place song in the film was The Smiths' "How Soon Is Now?" Having it in the strip club scene clashed on so many levels. The lyrics don't speak to Larry, Clive Owen's character, or to Alice, Natalie Portman's character. They actually say the opposite of the film's messages. Musically it's cool, but is it accurate for the setting? It struck me as false. If anyone out there knows about music common to London strip clubs, I'm curious to know.
Overall, I felt the film called for a soundtrack that spoke to the darker nature of the characters and represented sonically the anguish those breakups and betrayals must have caused.
With this imaginary soundtrack, I go in chronological order, so even people unfamiliar with the film can follow the plot through a smattering a bite-sized dialogue bits. Through those, each character is introduced and you hear the betrayals play out. The music has a harder edge and speaks more to the characters than the original soundtrack, which was never, to my knowledge, commercially released as a CD. You can see the full list of songs used in the movie at its page on the Internet Movie Database, here:


black pearl
Date: 4/30/2008
Closer is among my favorite movies and, even though I don't dislike the Damien Rice soundtrack, this looks really good. Even better. Would it be possible to download the whole thing including the dialoge bits? I would really enjoy this one.
Date: 4/30/2008
Same as black pearl, we need a download for this interesting mix.
The Nightcrawler
Date: 4/30/2008
I'd be happy to share this or any of my other mixes, but I prefer the traditional AOTM way: a 1-1 mix trade via the mail. How's that sound?