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Mike's iPod's Anniversary Inventory: The Sequel

Artist Song
Noah and the Whale  Five Years Time (75 plays) 
Wilco  California Stars (47) 
Bob Marley and the Wailers  Three Little Birds (44) 
Daphne Loves Derby  Cue the Sun! (41) 
Sahara Hotnights  The Loneliest City of All (37) 
Belle and Sebastian  Judy and the Dream of Horses (36) 
The Pogues  The Sickbed of Cuchulainn (36) 
The Hard Lessons  See and Be Scene (25) 
Noah and the Whale  Rocks and Daggers (35) 
The Shins  Nothing at All (35) 
The Haints  It Only Goes to Show (32) 
Steve Poltz  Brief History of My Life (32) 
ELO  So Serious (32) 
Tilly and the Wall  Beat Control (32) 
The Aquabats  Lovers of Loving Love (31) 
Barry Louis Polisar  All I Want is You (31) 
Editors  Road to Nowhere (28) 
The Ramones  Questioningly (28) 
The Raveonettes  With My Eyes Closed (28) 
Band of Horses  Is There a Ghost (27) 
The Hot Toddies  HTML (27) 
Lucky Soul  Struck Dumb (27) 
The Raveonettes  Aly, Walk with Me (27) 
Belle and Sebastian  I Don't Love Anyone (26) 
Dan Deacon  Jimmy Joe Roche (26) 
The Extra Glenns  Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Sebastopol (26) 
The Go! Team  Titanic Vandalism (25) 


My 2nd round of compiling the stats for my most played iPod tracks sadly isn't as comprehensive or continuous as it was originally intended. Last fall for various complicated reasons I lost all my iPod information and had to rebuild, only this time without all my old songs (all approx. 8000+ of them) because of the limited space on my hard-drive. So instead of putting all 30 gigabytes of music back on, I just started anew with the music I was exploring, occasionally adding old stuff but mostly just using everything I could accumulate from that point on. The plan is to eventually re-form my entire library, of course, but not until a new computer is purchased, which I'm rather lazy about doing. Anyway so Neutral Milk Hotel's "The King of Carrot Flowers" would probably still be reigning champion of my most played list if nothing had changed, but alas all is different now. These are the songs I've been addicted to lo these past 6 months. It's a motley crew, I know, and doesn't quite convey the full spectrum of my tastes (what ever does, though), but hey, the numbers don't lie. This is what I spend all my time listening to. These and the other 2650 songs I have on my current (vastly incomplete) iPod.

Clearly Barry Louis Polisar came from "Juno", which shames me a little given how popular that movie became (for the record, yeah it was good but not great), but it's such a cute, catchy, pure-hearted song.
ELO represents my '80s fetish. I always have a few wtf gems from that era (I think last year it was Howard Jones' "Life in One Day").

There's a lot more Belle & Sebastian in the remaining top tiers of my lists; my exploration into their first few albums has been an unending joy. Ditto The Pogues, whose albums I've owned for several years but never fully connected with until recently. Now they're basically my only soundtrack. Give it a few more months and everything from their first 3 albums would overpopulate this list.

Bob Marley is kind of an anomaly here, in that I've obviously known that song for decades now, but it just keeps creeping back in. It hits the spot, I don't know what to say. Maybe it's the bottom line of how I try to feel each day (although I'm far, far from being that worry-free and laid back).

Daphne Loves Derby is a bit peculiar, too, I guess - why that song, of everything out there? It was kind of my go-to track for all things melancholy a few months ago when I was lingering in depression.

As for The Shins, that b-side pumps me up like I never thought anything by The Shins could. It's a phenomenal song. I understand why it didn't belong on "Wincing the Night Away" but honestly it deserved a proper album placement SOMEWHERE. It's too good.

The Editors cover is live, I believe; it sounds like it was recorded in a bar somewhere, and the performance is extremely plaintive, while still capturing the emotional power of David Byrne's writing.

"Beat Control" is just new Tilly - not their best song, but anything Tilly is high quality, so I played it to death. Same thing will happen soon with Mates of State, who just released their new single "Get Better", but I haven't been able to download it yet and add it to the iPod.

And in regards to Noah and the Whale, I've spent so much time listening to their music that I almost feel like I'm part of the band, and that's kind of odd considering they don't even have an album yet. What a world, what a world...but they are definitely the kings of my music world at the moment. I wish them the greatest success.

And that's it...see you next year! (or in a week or so when I post another unrelated mix) I'm always delighted to see other mixers' iPod lists if y'all are ever bored or in want of an easy mix idea. I promise I'll comment! I just want to see what transfixes other people.


Date: 5/1/2008
Sorry, too much text in one big block for me to read so I'll just say I love Lucky Soul, Belle & Sebastian and the Pogues. That Noah and the Whale track must be something special.
Date: 5/1/2008
california stars is my favorite off mermaid avenue.
Date: 5/1/2008
I like that 2-3, that must be quite pretty together.
Date: 5/4/2008
I don't do I-Pods, rather listen on the Walkman and actual CDs, but the songs on here look interesting.
Date: 5/14/2008
Actually I think Beat Control IS Tilly & Walls best song. I've been hammering that myself recently. Anything here I don't know I'll be seeking out, as the tracks i do know ( about half here ) all kick ass...
And I went searching for the Mates of State and found it here