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DJ d·vad 2
cazando quetzales

Artist Song
Jorge Negrete  Paloma querida  
Cojolites  El Conejo 
Lila Downs  Paloma Negra 
Chris Bathgate  Little Bird In Coffin Come 
Portishead  Hunter 
Cometa  Pa' La Paloma 
La Lupita  Gavilßn O Paloma 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club  Six Barrel Shotgun 
Vanilla Fudge  Shotgun 
Alejandro Escovedo  I Wanna Be Your Dog 
Cowboy Junkies  Hunted 
Beastie Boys  Sure Shot 
Illya Kuryaki & Valderramas  Cazar Toreros 
Guided by Voices  Learning to Hunt 
Lee "Scratch" Perry  Bird In Hand 
Caifanes  Perdi Mi Ojo de Venado 
Jefferson Airplane  White Rabbit 
Chavela Vargas  Adios Paloma 
Monty Python  Foul-Tempered Rabbit 
Jim Henson, Frank Oz & Company  Mahna Mahna/Lullaby of Birdland 


As is my wont, this is all to make a short story long about why my email address and myspace have doowad jones, rather than simply doowad, since the aforementioned DJ beat me to the punch. I picked jones because when I was a kid, I longed for the anonymity of such a simple name, so since I needed an anonymous surname, and since I am a certifiable Dylan freak, I understand that in every breath I take, I am just another know-it-all, know-nothing Mr. Jones.
In any case, since the Clark Kent version of me works with translators from all over the world, I contacted one of my star Hungarian translators, Csaba Bßn ·r, who explained to me that the word itself (doowad) "doesn't make any sense in Hungarian. But it's pronounced as `d·vad', which is an existing word, meaning "small game", such as fowl, pheasant, hare, duck, etc.".Hell, that sounded like a good reason for a mix, at least as good as any I have come up with in the past couple days. And it is one of those mixes I usually complain about, where you let your media library find the tunes for you, rather than your own musical memory/instinct. Many of the songs here were to be featured on my original concept for my Grandpa Bernie, which was to be titled "The Biology of Calling Deer". Then the Rufus Thomas was cut from the latest Gutbucket Brothers offering. And I even included some pizza hippie tunes for Rupert. To make the venture a little more interesting, after sequencing this miscellaneous-genre beast (pun intended), I decided to play with the MP3 upload function at AOTM. And I know I cheated and put a couple songs about deer, dogs and a even about toros, but every great (or mediocre, whichever the case may be) mix should contradict itself at some point.


Date: 5/3/2008
I can sympathize, d·vad, it turned out there was already a DJ Mixxer out there. Happy huntin', hombre.
Date: 5/3/2008
it doesn't suprise me that doowad doesn't make sense in hungarian, i'm not sure it makes sense in english. must be one of those mexican words.
Date: 5/4/2008
Thanks for the mention. Another fabulous effort Doowad. Always a pleasure to see Portishead, GBV and the amazing White Rabbit on a mix. Inspired idea for a mix too. I was married to a Hungarian for several years, a really impenetrable language, just as well she spoke fluent English, oh and I was definitely the duvad in that situation.
Funky Ratchet
Date: 5/4/2008
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! I'll also bet that Alejandro track is worth hearing, and one certainly can't go wrong with Python. I'll second K&R's setiments concerning White Rabbit too.
avocado rabbit
Date: 5/5/2008
The 9-11 sequence sounds wonderful. Great set of mixes.
joey de vivre
Date: 5/5/2008
Duelling dualistic doowads, Batman!

Regardless, it looks like the Hungarian hunting is excellent, you appear to have bagged a bunch of quetzal-quality tracks here . . .
Date: 5/6/2008
YES! This was a real treat. Lovely.