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A Day In The Life

Artist Song
They Might Be Giants  Why Does The Sun Shine? 
Jane's Addiction  Standing In The Shower, Thinking 
Gary Numan  Cars 
Rush  The Spirit Of Radio 
Tom Waits  Heigh Ho (The Dwarves' Work Song) 
Devo  Working In A Coalmine 
Bob Seger  Making Thunderbirds 
Kiss  Comin' Home 
U2  A Sort Of Homecoming 
George Thorogood  I Drink Alone 
Beat Farmers  Are You Drinking With Me Jesus? 
Ween  Booze Me Up And Get Me High 
Motley Crue  Girls Girls Girls 
Devo  Girl U Want 
Bare jr  You Blew Me Off 
Kiss  I Was Made For Loving You 
Zodiac Mindwarp  Prime Mover 
James Brown  Sex Machine 
Dead Kennedys  Too Drunk To Fuck 
Ben Folds Five  Song For The Dumped 
Rolling Stones  (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction 
U2  I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 
Tom Waits  Innocent When You Dream 


I haven't actually made this yet, I just wanted to see if I could pull off a narrative mix. Songs about meals are conspicuously absent (mostly because songs about food are generally given lame-ass titles: "Hot Dog and A Shake," "Hotdogs and Hamburgers"...although in retrospect, I could have thrown Commander Cody's "Two Triple Cheese" in there at lunch time. Ahhh, anyway, I think I did okay. Rebuttals, I can tell, are forthcoming.