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CD | Theme - Narrative
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Against My Better Judgement...

Artist Song
Allister  Matchsticks 
Mae  Suspension 
Ash  Shining Light 
Ben Kweller  Run 
Angels & Airwaves  Sirens 
Ben Kweller  Sundress 
Saves The Day  Freakish 
Jimmy Eat World  Always Be 
The Hush Sound  Love You Much Better 
MxPx  Here With Me 
Jimmy Eat World  Kill 
Head Automatica  Beating Hearts Baby 
Unkle Bob  The Hit Parade 
Box Car Racer  Sorrow 


Well... I haven't posted a mix in over two years now. Not that I haven't been active... Just haven't felt like sharing. I apologize... haha.

So how should I make my return? With a high impact mix of crazy dance beats and sweat inducing rhythm!? With a tediously themed mix to impress even the most old school of mix makers!?


That's right... I return with the saddest and most well intentioned mix type of all time... The "Hey, you... you're pretty awesome. I like you. You should like me too. Because... umm... that would be cool." mix.

For a girl who's far too hyper and random but in the most outstanding ways possible. Let's watch "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" together.

And maybe in time... she'll even get to hear it.
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