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The Sunscreen Mix (Summer Mix 2008)

Artist Song
Rihanna  Pon de Replay 
Dead or Alive  You Spin Me Right Round 
Madonna  4 Minutes 
Warren G  Regulate 
The Roots  Birthday Girl 
Marvin Gaye  Can I Get a Witness 
The Staple Singers  I'll Take You There 
Scissor Sisters  I Don't Feel Like Dancin' 
Spoon  You Got Your Cherry Bomb 
Rilo Kiley  Silver Lining 
The Ting Tings  Great DJ 
Colin Munroe  I Want Those Flashing Lights 
Coldplay  Violet Hill 
Queen Sarah Saturday  Seems 
Vampire Weekend  Mansfard Roof 
Death Cab For Cutie  No Sunlight 
Steve Miller Band  The Joker 
ZZ Top  La Grange 
Grateful Dead  Touch of Grey 
Lynyrd Skynyrd  Free Bird 


This one is even more "all over the place" than the other, and this time I even let a few of the indie favorites make an appearance. No matter - still fun times in the sunshine. Have a good summer everyone. -Famous.


Date: 5/28/2008
la grange is a winner.
Rebel Princess
Date: 5/28/2008
Love the Rilo Kiley song. I'm one of apparently very few people who can't stand that Madonna track, though.
Date: 5/28/2008
I can't help it these days, but la Grange has now become "One of those Guitar Hero Songs" for me. As for Madonna *shrugs* couldn't help it - I dig the tune, others don't...whatchagonnado?
anthony lombardi
Date: 5/28/2008
love the vamp weekend & death cab tracks alot, & of course the spoon
Date: 6/1/2008
All three of us love the Rihanna, my wife loves the Madonna, I love the Marvin, Stapeles, Vampire Weekend and the Joker/La Grange twofer.