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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Shannon's guide (for Na-Na): volume V

Side A
Artist Song
pizzicato five  happy birthday 
modest mouse  paper thin walls 
radiohead  let down 
sleater-kinney  leave you behind 
beulah  disco: the secretary blues 
mos def  umi says 
dismemberment plan  the city 
divide by zero  all the words 
remainder  here to stay 
journey  any way you want it 
smokey robinson + the miracles  tears of a clown 
stereolab  the noise of carpet 
promise ring  why did ever we meet 
belle & sebastian  she's losing it 
saves the day  handsome boy 
liz phair  mesmerizing 
u2  mysterious ways 
Side B
sunny day real estate  pillars 
portishead  only you 
cursive  the night i lost the will to fight 
pearl jam  who you are 
at the drive in  arcarsenal 
jurassic 5  great expectations 
cap'n jazz  que suerte! 
cat power  say 
the Beatles  within you without you 
pj harvey  down by the water 
pixies  u-mass 
grandaddy  the crystal lake 
flaming lips  race for the prize 
pavement  cut your hair 
kinks  victoria 
piebald   the rock revolution 


the obligatory birthday mix tape for my best friend.


Jake M.
Date: 1/9/2002
Just read your comments about my maiden voyage here,so thought I'd return the favor.
I must say you look like a confirmed zen master of mixtape-ology. Mad props for Cat Power and Sigur Ros and the D-Plan. Oh, wow! and Journey too...I think we have the exact same music collection. Cheers.