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An Inch Away From Heaven

Artist Song
The Cure  Pornography 
The Cure  I'm Cold 
The Cure  Primary 
The Cure  Birdmad Girl 
The Cure  Speak My Language 
The Cure  The 13th 
The Cure  Close To Me 
The Cure  Friday I'm In Love 
The Cure  The Perfect Girl 
The Cure  Homesick 
The Cure  Secrets 
The Cure  Killing an Arab 
The Cure  Charlotte Sometimes 
The Cure  Like Cockatoos 
The Cure  Wailing Wall 
The Cure  A Letter to Elise 
The Cure  Last Dance 
The Cure  Play For Today 
The Cure  Bloodflowers 


Introducing my girlfriend to the Cure, volume 3 of 3


Date: 5/30/2008
Great set and I could not think of a more worthy band. I almost died when I saw them play Like Cockatoos live in Cleveland a few years back.
Date: 6/1/2008
I know very little of the Cure beyond the superficial tunes and their Spanish-speaking progeny (Caifanes and Soda Stereo)