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If You Want To Come Into God's House, You Can Put Some Fucking Pants On

Artist Song
Led Zeppelin  LA Drone (Live) 
Fizzy Bangers  Short Attention Span 
Descendents  I Like Food 
Rancid  Blacklisted 
Anti-Flag  Bring It To An End 
Sublime  Drunk Drivin' 
The Vandals  To All The Kids 
Dance Hall Crashers  Triple Track (Live) 
Ben Folds Five  Dick Holster 
Guttermouth  Don Camero Lost His Mind 
The Damned  It's A Real Thing 
NOFX  See Her Pee 
Oasis  Swamp Song 
The Who  University Challenge (skit) 
Jack Johnson  My Dog Has Fleas (Live) 
Green Day  The Ballad Of Wilhelm Fink 
The Beatles  Her Majesty 
Avail  Not A Happy Man 
Blink-182  Family Reunion 
The Offspring  Hand Grenades 
Subhumans  Supermarket Forces 
Black Flag  Spray Paint 
NOFX  Instant Crassic 
Bad Religion  Out of Hand 
Pearl Jam  Lukin (Live) 
Tom Waits  Clang Boom Steam 
Weezer  My Evaline 
White Stripes  Little Room 


OK, this is not the other mix I mentioned. this is a random mix of 28 songs that are less than a minute long. This clocks in at just over 14 minutes long. Hope you all find stuff you like.

The title is from an away message a friend of mine had up, that I literally laughed at for about 5 minutes when I first saw it. And as mentioned the Who track isn't a song, it's a funny little skit that I think they did for BBC radio at one point. It can be found on Thirty Years of Maximum R&B.


The Cat Mandu
Date: 5/31/2008
Executive Slacks
Date: 5/31/2008
Great idea. I used to put Her Majesty on a lot of mix tapes when there just wasn't enough tape left on the side for a longer song.
You should check out Wire's "Field Day for the Sundays" if you haven't already. Clocks in under 30 seconds.