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Side A
Artist Song
Disc 1  Apple Pie 
The Kinks  Introduction / The Contenders 
Billy Joel  Travelin' Prayer 
Talking Heads  Road to Nowhere 
Athlete  El Salvador 
Eddie Vedder  Hard Sun 
Elliott Smith  Condor Ave. 
Belle & Sebastion  Piazza, New York Catcher 
Augustana  Boston 
Bob Dylan  Subterranean Homesick Blues 
Green Day  Holiday 
Green Day  Boulevard of Broken Dreams 
Modest Mouse  Out of Gas 
The Rolling Stones  Gimme Shelter 
Eddie Vedder  End of the Road 
The Kinks  This Time Tomorrow 
Side B
Disc 2  Ice Cream 
Bob Dylan  Like a Rolling Stone 
Oasis  Hey Now 
Gorillaz  Highway (Under Construction 
America  A Horse With No Name 
The Allman Brothers Band  Midnight Rider 
The Shins  Gone for Good 
The Clash  I Fought the Law 
Nirvana  Something in the Way 
Death Cab for Cutie  Bixby Canyon Bridge 
The Kinks  Strangers 
Elliott Smith  No Name #4 
The Decemberists  On the Bus Mall 
The Kinks  Powerman 
The Rolling Stones  You Can't Always Get What You Want 
The Kinks  Got to Be Free 


A roadtrippish mixtape with a loose narrative. Two travelers set out for adventure, eventually go their own separate ways, and are eventually reunited. A two disc set might be a bit excessive, but hey, it is meant for long drives, after all.
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Rebel Princess
Date: 6/2/2008
Nice Stones picks, Gimme Shelter is my fav. of theirs. And the rest is't so bad either.
Date: 6/2/2008
I'm trying to decide if you spelled "Kerouac" wrong on purpose. Other than that... I loves me some Kinks.
Date: 6/3/2008
Can't go wrong with the Stones, Dylan, Kinks, etc., but I wondered the same thing Gabe did.
anthony lombardi
Date: 6/3/2008
pretty much all of side two (with the exception of the allmans & america tracks) does it for me, pretty damn good straight thru