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Wishing for Contentment

Artist Song
Andrew Bird  Wishing for Contentment 
Okay  Now 
Al Green  So Glad You're Mine 
Sufjan Stevens  Alanson, Crooked River 
Hella  Biblical Violence (live) 
The Books  Venice 
Dosh  Um, Circles and Squares 
The Books  Take Time 
Noel Coward  I Went to a Marvelous Party 
The Himalayan Bear  It's a New Year's Day, Now Go to Sleep 
Fionn Regan  Put a Penny in a Slot 
Elvis Perkins  While You Were Sleeping 
Nik Proctor  Hennepin 1 
Jolie Holland  Old Fashion Morphine 
The Boswell Sisters  Shout Sister 
Molly Drake  Poor Mum 
M. Ward  Sad, Sad Song 
Radiohead  Faust Arp 
The Cinematic Orchestra  That Home 
Maurice Ravel  Jeux D'eau 
Kaki King  (The End of) My Insect Life 
Zach Condon  Venice 
Tin Hat Trio  Empire of Light 
The Books  PS 


This is the mix that he made me, and my mix-"With the heat of one thousand suns"- is the mix i made to him in return.


Date: 6/6/2008
Any mix with Al Green is a-alright in my book.
Date: 6/6/2008
Reciprocation is good. Keep the music flowing.