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james: true or falsetto [revised]

Artist Song
james  ring the bells 
james  say something 
james  she's a star 
james  seven 
james  sometimes 
james  alaskan pipeline 
james  laid 
james  fine 
james  of monsters, heroes and men 
james  hey ma 
james  upside down 
james  getting away with it (all messed up) 
james  someone's got it in for me 
james  we're going to miss you 
james  gaudi 
james  waltzing along 
james  go to the bank 
james  lost a friend 
james  bring a gun 
james  lullaby 


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Date: 6/13/2008
Nice overview of an underated band. The opener is probably my favorite of theirs, although I would have included "out to get you" in there somewhere.
Date: 6/17/2008
I always liked James, they were popular in Mexico in the 90s.