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A Girl on a Bridge

Artist Song
Basquiat Soundtrack  Suicide Hotline (Dialogue & Music Montage) 
Aimee Mann  One 
Patsy Cline  I Fall to Pieces 
Eels  My Descent into Madness 
The Guess Who  She's Come Undone 
The Doors  Unhappy Girl 
Fiona Apple  Sullen Girl 
Ben Folds Five  Brick 
Michael Penn  Long Way Down 
The Supremes  Reflections 
Ramones  I Wanna be Sedated 
Morphine  Cure for Pain 
Eels  Novocaine For the Soul 
Beach Boys  Wouldn't it Be Nice? 
Radiohead  Let Down 
Plush  Soaring & Boring 
Bob Dylan  Just Like a Woman 
Elliott Smith  Miss Misery 
Eels  The Medication is Wearing Off 
Gilbert O'Sullivan  Alone Again (Naturally) 
Tom Waits  Lonely 
REM  At My Most Beautiful 
Radiohead  No Surprises 


...with tears in her eyes, about to jump into the Seine River. OR, just a sullen girl who works at a job that's slowly killing her. Take your pick. When you're sad, the best thing to listen to is the Eels, they're crazy good and also disturbing and...well, *great*. hehe I could have put more of their songs, but one can only take so much...I would have ended up Carrie on the Bathroom Floor.


Date: 5/23/2001
Wow, this is actually a very beautiful mix, sadly beautiful to quote Mr. Westerberg. Just don't jump the water is frigid and you make to nice of a mix. Papa Luvz ya
Date: 5/23/2001
Hmm...all this needs is "Anaesthesia" by The Church.