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15 Months (Wasted) - A Mix For Her

Artist Song
Gun Club  She's Like Heroin to Me  
The Beatles  She Loves You 
Talking Heads  Uh-Oh, Love Comes to Town 
David Bowie  "Heroes" 
Coldplay  Yellow 
Van Halen  Little Dreamer 
The Stooges  Ann [Full Version] 
The dB's  The Fight 
Robbie Williams  Sexed Up 
Free  Fire and Water [New Stereo Mix] 
The Cardigans  Lovefool (Puck Version) 
Red Hot Chili Peppers  I Could Have Lied 
The Police  The Bed's Too Big Without You 
The Replacements  Answering Machine 
Cake  Jolene 
The Smiths  These Things Take Time 
Prince and the Revolution  Darling Nikki 
The White Stripes  I'm Slowly Turning Into You 
New Order  Age of Consent 


I know it's hard to compress a year-long relationship into an 80 minute CD, but that is what I've attempted to do here.

"A" and I met at the new student orientation senior year. We clicked immediately; both of us were army kids coming from overseas, and we both liked to drink. A month later we start dating. Our parents don't get along at all. I'm happy, but clinical depression causes me to say things I don't mean.
Summer comes 'round, and we spend all our time together. At the end of the summer, days before she leaves for school in Arizona, we get some bad news. We solve this problem right before we leave, but at the emotional expense of the two of us.

Long distance relationships never work. At least not at this age (17-18). She is raped at school, and does not report it or do anything about it. She begins drinking heavily, while I stop drinking in order for my depression to improve. She falls deeper and deeper into drugs, but I'm there for her, though on the other side of the country.

Winter break goes without incident. She seems distant. More bitter than before. She purposely says things to hurt me. A month later, she breaks up with me, and a month later I find out she was cheating on me. Apparently I was "emotionally abusive" and other things.

This mix chronicles the ups and downs: early elation, depression, fight(s), bitterness, and a (false) sense of acceptance. Kinda climaxes pretty early, but hey, it's my first mix.

This is for you, "A". Our song is there, even though I know you hate it.

I'll upload it, if people want it.

[Update] Is now uploaded. Just click the first song.


Date: 6/25/2008
Ouch! Young love is overwhelming. Hope you feel better after mixing. Welcome.
Media Vixen: Radio Sally
Date: 6/28/2008
Yes, upload please. A nice narrative snapshot.