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and the sun was pouring down rain . . .

Artist Song
Sufjan Stevens  Jacksonville 
+/- {Plus/Minus}  Trapped Under Ice Floes 
Maritime  Young Alumni 
Pinback  How To Breathe 
Postal Service  District Sleeps Alone Tonight 
Death Cab For Cutie  Company Calls 
Copeland  When You Thought You'd Never Stand Out 
The Shins  Caring Is Creepy 
Straylight Run  Soon We'll Be Living In The Future 
The Secret Handshake  Coastal Cities 
The Bloodhound Gang  Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo 
Hot Hot Heat  Oh Goddammit 
Say Anything  Spidersong 
Modest Mouse  The World At Large 
Arcade Fire  Rebellion (Lies) 
Band Of Horses  Our Swords 
Yo La Tengo  Sugarcube 
Sufjan Stevens  The Avalanche 
Maritime  Protein and Poison 
Thursday  Understanding In A Car Crash 
Frou Frou  Breathe In 
Wilco  Pot Kettle Black 
The Mountain Goats  Autoclave 
The Decemberists  16 Military Wives 
Ingrid Michaelson  Breakable 
Matt Pond PA  Basement Parties 
The Talk  It Comes With The Territory 
Aqualung  If I Fall 
The Mountain Goats  This Year 
Sparta  Air 


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Rebel Princess
Date: 6/30/2008
Despite my utter contempt for the Bloodhound Gang, I like the look of this. Nice.