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African Stew

Artist Song
Solomon Ilori And His Afro-Drum Ensemble  Tolani (African Love Song) 
Segun Adewale  Segun Adewale 
Ginger Johnson And His African Messenger  Watusi 
Mombasa  Shango 
Psyco On Da Bus  Pusherman (Doctor L Remix) 
Manu Dibango  Soul Makossa 
Femi Kuti  Wonder Wonder 
Ebo Taylor Jnr. & Wuta Wazuri  Mondo Soul Funky 
Toto Guillaume  Douala mbedi na sawedi 
Soukous Stars  Lok' Dance 
Sweet Talks/Moses  Poor Man's Life 
Baranta f/Miatta Fahinbulleh  Witch Doctor 
Green Arrows  Madzangara Dzimu 
Sir Victor Awaifo  Joromi 
Gwigwi Mrwebi  Good News 
Ernesto Djedje  Lola 
Papß Noel  Malou 
Fela Anikulapo Kuti & The Africa 70 With Sandra Akanke Isidore  Upside Down 
Segun Bucknor  Smoke 
T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou  ChFrie Coco 
Femi Kuti  Live For Today 
Ryco Jazz  Marie Jose 
Papa Wemba  Overdose 
Mustapha  I'm Coming 
Diblo  Bolinga 
Miriam Makeba  Soweto Blues 
Sipho Gumede  Township Jive 
OrchFstre VTvT  Bea 
King Sunny Ade  Synchro Series:Synchro System 


No particular order to this, just a nice cross section of some great African music.


Hummmmm, don't know a single song. That part of the world is filled with great music though. I would love to hear it sometime....
Date: 7/11/2008
Old and new artists from several countries. A most excellent cross-section of talent and tunes! Thank you.
Date: 7/11/2008
Manu Dibango is about all I know, let me know if you are up for a trade.
tobacco snot
Date: 7/12/2008
I don't know much here but i bet it goes off! If you haven't already, seek out Senegalese group Orchestra Baobab, especially their album Specialists in all Styles.
avocado rabbit
Date: 7/12/2008
I always keep trying to enjoy the African music, but Fela and King Sunny bore me. Admittedly I do not have a wide range of musicians to sample from and perhaps that is the problem. I, too, would like to trade.