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Sending An Angel To Dead Heaven

Artist Song
Purr Machine  Send Me An Angel 
Children On Stun  Sidelined 
The Electric Hellfire Club  Incubus 
Mephisto Waltz  White Rabbit 
Tones On Tail  Christian Says 
Wake  Christine (2.3 wHATEver) 
The Electric Hellfire Club  Evil Genius (The Queen Of Sin) 
Rosetta Stone  Six Before Dawn 
Two Witches  Requiem 
Wake  Nazarene 
Gary Numan  Dead Heaven 
Hooters  All You Zombies 
Peter Murphy  Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem 


Okay, not so Goth, but it all fell together fairly well. In honor of Dead Heaven's Goth mixes, which called me to drag out, dust off, and lament my meager Goth collection.


Shane Brown
Date: 7/23/2008
This should be listed under goth and it takes me back to when I first learned of goth (see some of my own older mixes) Tones on Tail , Mephisto Walz ect.. alot of the other stuff is 90's Cleopatra records mix cd's for me! I love this and the Hooters track caused me to buy their cassette in the 80's - great mix!