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but something is different (Earthly Pleasures and Heavenly Tortures)

Artist Song
Neutral Milk Hotel  Someone Is Waiting 
Julee Cruise  Questions In A World Of Blue 
Neutral Milk Hotel  A Baby For Pree 
Julee Cruise  I Remember 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Communist Daughter 
Julee Cruise  She Would Die For Love 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Where You'll Find Me Now 
Julee Cruise  I Float Alone 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Naomi 
Julee Cruise  The Swan 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Two-Headed Boy Part Two 
Julee Cruise  Mysteries of Love 
Julee Cruise  Falling 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Holland, 1945 
Julee Cruise  Movin' In On You 


Jeff vs. Julee (dreams colliding)


Date: 7/20/2008
A fascinating collision. Strange and effecting.