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anthems for a fifteen year-old boy

Artist Song
[BONUS] Adam & Andrew  Emo Kid 
Papa Roach  Last Resort 
My Chemical Romance  Headfirst For Halos 
Jimmy Eat World  A Praise Chorus 
504 Plan  Kissing Old Friends 
Yellowcard  Ocean Avenue 
Ataris  Song For A Mix Tape 
Fall Out Boy  A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Touch Me (Acoustic) 
Gym Class Heroes  Taxi Driver 
Offspring  Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) 
Bloodhound Gang  Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo 
Misfits  Last Caress 
Pencey Prep  PS - Don't Write 
Brand New  Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades 
Something Corporate  Drunk Girl 
Boys Like Girls  The Great Escape 
Good Charlotte  The Anthem 
Pixies  Where Is My Mind? 
Blink 182  What's My Age Again? 
Ramones  I Wanna Be Sedated 
Sum 41  Fat Lip 
Green Day  Warning 
Bowling For Soup  Girl All The Bad Guys Want 
Cobra Starship  Pop-Punk Is Sooooo '05 
Linkin Park  Crawling 
Mindless Self Indulgence  Shut Me Up 


[July 2008] Tongue very firmly in cheek, please and thank you.

Dear Diary,
Mood: apathetic.

My life is spiraling downward. I couldn't get enough money to go to the Blood Red Romance and Suffocate Me Dry concert. It sucks 'cause they play some of my favorite songs like "Stab My Heart Because I Love You" and "Rip Apart My Soul" and of course "Stabby Rip Stab Stab." And it doesn't help that I couldn't get my hair to do that flippy thing either... like that guy from that band can do... some days.

...But I can't lie - I have a deep fondness for all these bands, except Papa Roach and Linkin Park which are on here because I find those tracks two of the most unintentionally hilarious songs ever.

Title blatantly ripped-off from Broken Social Scene's "Anthems For A Seeventeen Year-Old Girl."


Date: 7/19/2008
My brother would adore this mix, typical 15 yr old!
Date: 7/22/2008
egad. misfits, pixies and ramones are great, i'd leave the rest for the teeny boppers.
Date: 7/24/2008
Ahahaha, this is magnificent.