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Falamos Rock & Roll - Tocamos e Cantamos The Beatles - CD 01 & CD 02

Side A
Artist Song
Roupa Nova  Hey Jude - Lennon/McCartney 
Roberto Carlos  Eu Te amo (And I Love Her) - Lennon/McCartney 
Rita Lee  Pra Voce Eu Digo Sim (If I Fell) - Lennon/McCartney 
Banda Feitito da Lua  Feche Os Olhos (All My Loving) - Lennon/McCartney 
Renato & Seus Blue Caps  AtT O Fim (You Won't See Me) - Lennon/McCartney 
Meire Pavao  Chame Um Taxi (Taxman) - George Harrison 
Ronnie Von  Minha Crenca (For No One) - Lennon/McCartney 
Beto Guedes  Quando Te Vi (Till There Was You) - Meredith Wilson 
Enza Flori  Submarino Amarelo (Yellow Submarine) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Youngsters  Gente Demais (Ticket To Ride) - Lennon/McCartney 
Titas  Balada Para John & Yoko (The Ballad For John & Yoko) - Lennon/McCartney 
Ana Carolina  Help! - Lennon/McCartney 
Raul Seixas  VocO Ainda Pode Sonhar (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) - Lennon/McCartney 
Trio Esperanta  Nosso Amor (I'll Follow The Sun) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Clevers  Sem Resposta (No Reply) - Lennon/McCartney 
Paula Toller & Os Britos  Something - George Harrison 
Bobby De Carlo  Eu Esperarei (I Will) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Insertos  Meu Bem (Girl) - Lennon/McCartney 
Paulo CTsar Barros  Eu Me Apaixonei (I Feel Fine) - Lennon/McCartney 
Golden Boys  Te Adoro (I Need You) - Lennon/McCartney 
Marcio Greyck  Mamae Me Ensinou (Your Mother Should Know) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Carecas  Os Carecas Sao Demais (A Hard Day's Night) - Lennon/McCartney 
Rebels  O Bode e a Cabra (I Want To Hold Your Hand) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Brazilian Bitles  Qual A Razao (Day Tripper) - Lennon/McCartney 
Sergio Reis  Amor, Nada Mais (Here, There And Everywhere) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Borrachinhas  Feche Os Olhos (All My Loving) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Vikings  Segredinho (Do You Want To Know A Secret) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Fevers  Hey Jude - Lennon/McCartney 
Side B
Rata Negra  Feche Os Olhos (All My Loving) - Lennon/McCartney 
ZezT Di Camargo & Luciano  Eu Te Amo (And I Love Her) - Lennon/McCartney 
Veronica Sabino  Demais (Yes It Is) - Lennon/McCartney 
Bruna Pinheiro  Meu Primeiro Amor (You're Going To Lose That Girl) - Lennon/McCartney 
Wilson Miranda  Bata Baby (Long Tall Sally) - Johnson/Penniman/Blackwell 
Os Iguais  Submarino Amarelo (Yellow Submarine) - Lennon/McCartney 
Bitkids  Brincadeira de Crianta (Ob-la-di Ob-la-da) - Lennon/McCartney 
Lulu Santos  De Leve (Get Back) - Lennon/McCartney 
ZT Ramalho  VocO Ainda Pode Sonhar (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Canibais  Para O Meu Bem (Ticket To Ride) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Sunshines  Sozinho (You Won't See Me) - Lennon/McCartney 
Chiclete Com Banana  Menina Linda (I Should Have Known Better) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Jet Black's  Meu Sol T VocO (World Without Love) - Lennon/McCartney 
Silvinha  Adeus (Goodbye) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Vips  Coisas Que Acontecem (Things We Said Today) - Lennon/McCartney 
Os Lordes  Submarino Amarelo (Yellow Submarine) - Lennon/McCartney 
Leno & Lilian  O Sol Se Poe No Horizonte (I'll Be On My Way) - Lennon/McCartney 
Ed Wilson  Ela Me Deixou Chorando (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) - Lennon/McCartney 
Ed Carlos  Ob-La-di Ob-la-da - Lennon/McCartney 
Deni & Dino  Meu Bem (Girl) - Lennon/McCartney 
Embalo R  Eu Te Amo (And I Love Her) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Originals  Feche Os Olhos (All My Loving) - Lennon/McCartney 
Tunai  My Love - Paul McCartney 
Joran Coelho  Amor, Nada Mais (Here, There And Everywhere) - Lennon/McCartney 
Beat Boys  Cantao Que NinguTm Mais Cantou (Your Mother Should Known) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Maskers  Vem! (Help!) - Lennon/McCartney 
The Supersonics  Menina Linda (I Should Have Known Better) - Lennon/McCartney 
Maritza Fabiani  Quero Um Beatle de Presente (I'll Try Anything) - Barkan/Milrose ver. Wallace 
Wanderley Cardoso  Beatles - Bure/Bagge ver. Cardoso 


No doubt this mixes were inspired on one by Joey de vivre "Se habla Rock & Roll" (Mix ID 94522) and the ones that inspired it, by Blasikin, "Ya no hay Beatles (part 1)" (Mix ID 94061) and part 2 (Mix ID 94193).
Similars to my Spaniard friend's "Paella de Escarabajos" Volumes 1 and 2. But I did not feel comfortable naming it "Feijoada de Escarabajos". ;-)
Title literal translation from Brazilian Portuguese is "We speak Rock & Roll. We play and Sing The Beatles." So, as you might have guessed, all artists are Brazilians.
First double (CD 01 & CD 02) = Brazilian artists singing in Portuguese.
Second double (CD 03 & CD 04) = Brazilian artists singing in English.
Third single (CD 05) = Brazilian artists playing Beatles tunes (instrumentals).
Oops. I just came across sammyg123 mix "Tempo de Partido". Great job sammy.
I might try putting together mixes on parler, parlare and spreken Rock & Roll some day.
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Date: 7/20/2008
Beautiful, I've heard a lot of these on our local Brazilian radio show...
Date: 7/20/2008
This is terrific. Great labour of love. If I hadn't picked last weeks motw honours I'd be doing so with this right now. Hopefully someone will step up and do the right thing..
Date: 7/20/2008
I have to agree with Sammy.
Date: 7/21/2008
Ok, I want your whole record collection. But would be happy to trade for these?
Date: 7/21/2008
Ah, discovered the links, thanks! But my offer stands... Just tell me what you wanna hear.
Date: 7/22/2008
Thank you so much Sammy & KathrynandRupert. I am very happy that you all enjoy my madness.
Date: 7/23/2008
me gusta!
Date: 7/23/2008
Hey Moe, that was spanish.
In Brazilian Portuguese you should have say: "gostei"
Thank you anyway.