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Techno del Sol - Volume 5-2001

Artist Song
The Dream Traveler  Time 
Matt Darey  Liberation 
Christopher Lawrence  Renegade 
Tilt vs. Paul van Dyk  Rendezvous 
Binary Finary  1999 
Lost Tribe  Gamemaster 
Tilt vs. Robert Miles  Children 
Blank & Jones  Cream 
Micro  Sound Barrier 
Animated Rhythm  Persuasion 
Paul van Dyk  For an Angel 
Kay Cee  Escape 
Moonman  Don't Be Afraid 


Little ol' Milwaukee got its own rave club this year, and it was GREAT. They had top spinners like Dave Ralph, Christopher Lawrence, Chris Fortier, DJ Micro, Deep Dish, and DJ Icey. Then, suddenly, it was all gone. Closed, due to drug problems. It was like winning the lottery, enjoying the high life in backwater Wisconsin for a while, then losing it all. But I'll never forget how it felt. Lost in amazing music, surrounded by all those happy dancers. I made this epic trance mix to bring back that euphoric feeling. If you don't happen to have a rave club to play it in, try it in your car around two or three in the morning. R.I.P., Bassment. We hardly knew ye.
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Steve Raglin
Date: 5/28/2001
Fun mix and terrific graphic!!