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I Already Hate It

Side A
Artist Song
XTC  All You Pretty Girls 
Bob Mould  Who Needs To Dream 
Love  You Set The Scene 
The Raveonettes  The Beat Dies 
Klaus Nomi  Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead 
Liquid Sky Sdtk.  Alien Theme II 
The Monroes  What Do All The People Know? 
This Is Me Smiling  Feelin' The Time Pass By 
Dan Baird  I Love You Period 
Tonic  Roses 
They Might Be Giants  The Mesopotamians 
Yo La Tengo  You Can Have it All 
Devo  Soo-Bawlz 
Side B
The Special Goodness  In The Sun 
Matthew Sweet  Let's Love 
Utopia  The Last Of The New Wave Riders 
The Doors  Down So Long 
Tom Waits  Clap Hands 
Weezer  Pork and Beans 
Umbrellas  Ghost 
Mott The Hoople  Roll Away the Stone 
U2  Please 
The K1llers  On Top 
The Dandy Warhols  Rock Bottom 
The Cure  Before Three 


It had been decades since I'd heard music from the movie, "Liquid Sky", when a fri3nd gave me the record. At the time, it seemed unfathomably futuristic, but now it's quaint, much like the version of the future you get at Disney World. The music was done by a combo comprising Slava Tsukerman, Br3nda I. Hutchinson and Clive Smith, as un-catchy a group as you're likely to hear. Also, my faithful tape deck conked out in the middle of this mix, a piece of equipment that had seen me through my 100+ tapes. I was amazed that I was able to get it replaced so quickly. I was convinced cassettes were a dirty word in the big box electronics stores but I was able to replace the deck within 24 hours.


Date: 9/1/2008
There are still advantages to cassettes. Enjoy your new deck! Thanks for a strong theme mix.