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waiting for lou fai 2.4

Artist Song
Belle and Sebastian  Dear Catastrophe Waitress 
The Breeders  Cannonball 
Yo La Tengo  Serpentine 
The Do  On My Shoulders 
The Wave Pictures  Strange Fruit or David 
Crystal Stilts  Crippled Croon 
The Black Angels  You On the Run 
The Raveonettes  Hallucinations 
The Scene is Now  Falling Leaves 
The Notwist  One With The Freaks 
rem  Leaving New York 
Le luci della centrale elettrica  La lotta armata al bar 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Two-headed Boy pt.2 
Ex-Otago  The Rhythm of the Night 



Date: 9/7/2008
I think that is my favorite starting track to any mix CD ever. :]