elevator revenge

Artist Song
placebo  running up that hill 
veruca salt  my sharona 
fiona apple  across the universe 
me first and the gimme gimmes  wild world 
joan jett and the blackhearts  love is all around 
mazzy star  roseblood 
tori amos  murder, he says 
hole  over the edge 
me first and the gimme gimmes  sweet caroline 
tatu  how soon is now 
tori amos  rattlesnakes 
the smiths  the queen is dead 
joydrip  swan song 
the cure  just like heaven 
punk cover i randomly found on the youtube (linked. please identify?)  toxic (britney cover)  
tommy february  lonely in gorgeous  


i still regret not getting into the elevator with a stranger who claimed to be the doctor and a large group of people at nobrandcon. the wannabe dragon-lady who's ruining my beloved bookshop job said we could bring in cds from home, so long as there wasn't any profanity. she doesn't like jazz guitar or any of the "normal" bands i picked out... it's all too upbeat or something, but she liked the cure because it's "more soothing." she herself brought in a grab bag of cds that suggests she bought them randomly for that purpose including the totally hits from my freshman year of high school, which the other girl i work with keeps playing over and over again. my saved box is overflowing with books no matter how many i take home, and even though it makes me overbooked i am sort of a little bit in love with this insanely cool old school goth boy who lives too far away but for some reason wants to bother with me.

my cure for the common elevator music. mostly covers.
the band who's name is typoed has a forbidden word in it.


Date: 9/30/2008
Track 1 was my ear worm of the month back in June. This all seems to be heavy on the '80s, which shows again there was great music then.