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Season of the Witch

Artist Song
Cat Power  The Werewolf 
Estradasphere  Six Fingers 
Rasputina  Translyvanian Concubine 
Fantomas  Spider Baby 
Sisters of Mercy  Cry Little Sister 
Ministry  Everyday is like Halloween 
Mel Torme  Monsters Lead Such Interesting Lives 
Horror Pops  Walk Like a Zombie 
Michael Andrews  Manipulated Living 
K*llCreeps  Humanoids from the Deep 
Talking Heads  Psycho Person who Murders People 
Buckethead  The WormTurns 
NIck Cave & the Bad Seeds  The Curse of Milhaven 
Electric Six  Electric Demons 
Rockin' Ryan & the Real Goners  I'm the Wolfman 
Donovan  Season of the Witch 
John Zorn  Sacred Rites of the Left Hand Path 
Idiot Flesh  Teen Devil Worshipper 
My Life with the TKK  Days of Swine and Roses 


man I wish I could find Cha Cha with the Zombies by the Upper Classmen.
Whats up with the F'n censorship with certain words???


Date: 10/22/2008
How fucking retarded that I couldn't input the word to murder people. Those are the song titles and artists. Fuck that shit.
Date: 10/22/2008
The word to murder people is bounced back however notice that the words fuck and shit are not.

Fucking lame. Fuck this site.
Date: 10/22/2008
hah, cool... <3 #5, 6 & 19. btw, #5 is actually by Gerard McMann... but it's too often mislabeled as SOM online. i'm gonna have to check some of this other stuff out. i just put up 2 Halloween mixes too. & yah, the censorship of certain words is LAME as hell :-P
Vlad the Accountant
Date: 11/1/2008
Fantomas, Ministry, and Buckethead....nice.