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Madness - One Step Beyond... (Deluxe Edition)

Artist Song
Madness  One Step Beyond... 
Madness  My Girl 
Madness  Night Boat To Cairo 
Madness  Believe Me 
Madness  Land Of Hope And Glory 
Madness  The Prince 
Madness  Tarzan's Nuts 
Madness  In The Middle Of The Night 
Madness  Bed & Breakfast Man 
Madness  Razor Blade Alley 
Madness  Swan Lake 
Madness  Rockin' In A Flat 
Madness  Mummy's Boy 
Madness  Madness 
Madness  Chipmunks Are Go! 
Madness  The Prince (Peel Session Version) 
Madness  Bed & Breakfast Man (Peel Session Version) 
Madness  Land Of Hope And Glory (Peel Session Version) 
Madness  Stepping Into Line (Peel Session Version) 
Madness  Mistakes 
Madness  Nutty Theme 
Madness  Deceives The Eye 
Madness  The Young And The Old 
Madness  Don't Quote Me On That 
Madness  Night Boat To Cairo (Paul Gotel Rude Edit) 
Madness  The Prince (Wubble-U Remix) 


After discovering that all the old Madness albums are out of print following the expiry of the band's contract with Virgin, I started thinking about how the next label to inherit the back catalogue could bolster the albums with bonus tracks, something Virgin has resolutely failed to do. So this is the first in an ongoing series, the band's debut album enhanced with their John Peel session, appropriate single B-sides and a couple of remixes. More to follow...


Date: 10/30/2008
Ska lives!
Pop Kulcher
Date: 10/31/2008
Interesting. I picked this up on vinyl way back in college (an embarrassing 20-ish years ago), liked it a lot at the time, and hadn't really listened to them since. I finally picked up a greatest hits package on cd a few months back, and it was a nice reminder of how much fun this band could be. This would be a great package.