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Skankin' to the Oldies

Artist Song
88 Fingers Louie  Help! 
Ghoti Hook  Earth Angel 
Reel Big Fish  Take On Me 
Five Iron Frenzy  Sweet Talkin' Woman 
NOFX  Go Your Own Way 
Diesel Boy  Much Too Young 
GOB  Mr. Sandman 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones  Enter Sandman 
Eric Champion  Every Heartbeat 
Suicide Machines  What I Like About You 
Goldfinger  Rio 
Goops  Build Me Up Buttercup 
Save Ferris  Come On Eileen 
No Use For A Name  Laverne & Shirley 
Hippos  Always Something There To Remind Me 
Insyderz  Just What I Needed 
Lagwagon  Brown Eyed Girl 
Less Than Jake  I Think I Love You 
MxPx  Summer Of '69 
Pennywise  Stand By Me 
Snuff  I Think We're Alone Now 
Strung Out  Every Breath You Take 
Travis  Baby, One More Time 


This was an idea I'd wanted to do for a long time, but I have no clue whether it is very original or not. I know some of them like Enter Sandman and Much Too Young aren't very "Old", but Enter Sandman was the perfect follow up to Mr. Sandman and Much Too Young is too great of a cover to leave out. As for Travis, that was just a silly little thing I wanted to put at the end.


Date: 6/7/2001
very cool mix,,, the travis is a nice touch to end with!
Date: 7/24/2001
the goops' cover of "build me up buttercup" is dangerously close to surpassing the original. even my mom agrees.

great mix.