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My Autumn Sweater

Artist Song
Fall Out Boy  "Tell That Mick He Just Made My List of Things to Do Today" 
Yo La Tengo  Autumn Sweater 
Death Cab for Cutie  Expo '86 
Gorillaz  El Manana 
My Morning Jacket  Old September Blues 
The White Stripes  We're Going to Be Frie nds 
Fall Out Boy  Grand Theft Autumn (Acoustic) 
Elliott Smith  Let's Get Lost 
The Divine Comedy  October 
The Flaming Lips  My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Gorillaz  November Has Come 
Elliott Smith  Amana Cecilia 
Radiohead  Gagging Order 
R.E.M.  Nightswimming  
The Shins  The Past and Pen-ding 


For crunching leaves with Converse.