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Pandora's box

Artist Song
You shriek  pandora 
Celldweller  under my feet 
Switchblade symphony  ride 
Last dance  do you believe in angels? 
Stabbing Westward  wasted 
Cruxshadows  Marilyn my bitterness 
Gary numan  dark 
Sisters of mercy  neverland (12inch demo version) 
Switchblade Symphony  clown (Leatherstrip remix) 
Diva destruction  in dreaming 
Faith & the disease  bury me deep (Sisters of mercy cover) 
Poetry of shadows  lady winter 
Proffesional murder music  A night like this (Cure cover) 
Circle of dust  goodbye 


Made for Pandora0 here on AOTM - a request for a few Switchblade Symphony songs and some other stuff thrown in as well.


chad lamasa1
Date: 5/31/2001
hey man it's been a long time since we traded. do you feel like maybe trading with me?
Date: 6/17/2001
thank you so much. i have absolutly swooned for the celldweller song.