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Artist Song
Eels  Theme from Blinking Lights 
Beck  The Golden Age 
Death Cab for Cutie  Title and Registration 
Blur  Coffee & TV 
Eels  Blinking Lights (For Me) 
Elliott Smith  Twilight 
Graham Coxon  All Has Gone 
The Postal Service  The District Sleeps Alone Tonight 
Blur  1992 
Graham Coxon  A Place for Grief 
Beck  Lonesome Tears 
Sigur Ros  Untitled #2 (Fyrsta) 
Coldplay  Fix You 
Elliott Smith  King's Crossing 
Beck   Little One 
Blur  No Distance Left to Run 
Eels  Bride of Theme from Blinking Lights 



Rebel Princess
Date: 12/13/2008
I really like this, I should listen more to Blur and Eels.