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David Bowie  Modern Love (Sound + Vision Live Version) 
from Let's Dance  China Girl 
from Tonight  Loving the Alien 
from Never Let Me Down  Never Let Me Down 
from Black Tie White Noise  I Feel Free 
from The Buddha of Suburbia  Buddha of Suburbia 
from The Buddha of Suburbia  Dead Against It 
from Outside  The Hearts Filthy Lesson 
from Outside  Thru These Architects Eyes 
from Earthling  I'm Afraid of Americans 
from Hours  Thursday's Child 
from Hours  Seven 
from Heathen  Slow Burn 
from Heathen  Everyone Says "Hi" 
from Reality  Fall Dog Bombs the Moon 
from Reality  Bring Me the Disco King 
from The Buddha of Suburbia  Strangers When We Meet 


Pretty much all you need to hear from David Bowie in the last 28 years
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