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Warm Vanilla Sugar

Artist Song
The Troggs  Love is All Around 
Sly and the Family Stone  Hot Fun in the Summertime 
Love  Alone Again Or 
Joni Mitchell  Carey 
Cat Stevens  Moonshadow 
Dusty Springfield  Son of a Preacher Man 
Rolling Stones  2000 Man 
The Stampeders  Sweet City Woman 
The Kinks  Sunny Afternoon 
Bob Dylan  Positively 4th Street 
Isley Brothers  It's Your Thing 
Van Morrison  Gloria 
Blood, Sweat and Tears  Spinning Wheel 
The Ramones  I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend 
The Archies  Sugar Sugar 
The Kinks  Lola 
Velvet Underground  Sweet Jane 
Cat Stevens  Here Comes My Baby 
T. Rex  Bang a Gong 
The Band  The Weight 
Van Morrison  Domino 
David Bowie  Suffragette City 
Joe Cocker  Feelin' Alright 
Nick Drake  Road 
The Faces  Ooh La La 


Slapped together while I was in a good mood the other day. I listened to it today on the way to work and it nearly put a smile on my face! It has a bit of a Wes Anderson flavor, which is just fine, 'cause Wes Anderson RULES. The title is the name of the body lotion that I am applying *right now*...completely random, but in a way it fits the mood :)


Date: 6/1/2001
hehe i like this a lot
Date: 6/9/2001
hot damn this is a fine mix. i was driving in my car today, the windows were rolled down, i was enjoying the fabulous weather, and "sweet city woman" came on the radio. i thought to myself, "that's it, this MUST go on my next mix!" but it looks like you beat me to it, yo. this is exactly the feel i wanted it to have.