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Don't the sun look angry at me?

Artist Song
Lyme & Cybelle  Follow Me 
Warren Zevon  Wanted Dead or Alive 
Warren Zevon  Join Me in L.A. [demo] 
Warren Zevon  The Rosarita Beach Cafe [demo] 
Warren Zevon  Mohammed's Radio [solo piano demo] 
Warren Zevon  Desperados Under the Eaves [undubbed early version] 
Warren Zevon  Frank and Jesse James 
Warren Zevon  Backs Turned Looking Down the Path 
Warren Zevon  Hasten Down the Wind 
Warren Zevon  Poor Poor Pitiful Me 
Warren Zevon  The French Inhaler 
Warren Zevon  Carmelita 
Warren Zevon  Tule's Blues [solo piano version] 
Warren Zevon  Werewolves of London 
Warren Zevon  Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner 
Warren Zevon  Excita ble Boy 
Warren Zevon  Accidentally Like a Martyr 
Warren Zevon  Veracruz 
Warren Zevon  Lawyers, Guns and Money 
Warren Zevon  Frozen Notes [strings version] 
Warren Zevon  A Certain Girl 
Warren Zevon  Empty-Handed Heart 
Warren Zevon  Play It All Night Long 
Warren Zevon  Bill Lee 


My favorite 80 minutes from an artist whose work I've just begun to appreciate over the past couple of years (thanks, Mark P). I realize that he recorded many fine songs after the first four albums represented here [Wanted Dead or Alive through Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School], but the production on subsequent records, coupled with the deterioration of his voice, kind of leaves me cold (that said, I plan on giving the rest of the records a more thorough listen and will probably eventually post a companion volume covering the rest of his career). For the record, I think that his nearly-perfect, self-titled second album is one of the best records of the '70s.


Sean Lally
Date: 12/28/2008
Cool. He's a great candidate for the single artist mix. You could certainly make another super solid disc of stuff from his later releases. I really love some of the later stuff like "I was in the house when the house burned down." These are all great, of course. My fave song from his early period is "OUtside chance", that tune for the Turtles. Good to catch up with ya yesterday, Rob.
Date: 12/28/2008
I am happy to see someelse that gives credit to Zevon's first solo alblum. Most SAMs ignore it completely. Tule's Blues is my favorite although Carmelita is a very close second.
Date: 12/28/2008
edit: someone else not someelse.
bufo alvarius
Date: 12/28/2008
Nice, Conroy. I've dug Zevon for a while, thanks to a frie nd of mine's older brother turning us on to him when we were kids. (we were weird kids, ha!)
The early period Zevon was GREAT, no doubt. But, as Lally added, there is plenty of worthwhile later period Zevon to dig into. Stellar mix, of course, dude.
Date: 12/28/2008
I like pretty much everything the man did, but Lawyers, Guns & Money may be my favorite here.
Pop Kulcher
Date: 12/28/2008
Another artist that never quite took me where, on paper, I assumed he would. I've got a greatest hits package, but, aside from the obvious (and wonderful) triumvirate of Werewolves, Excit-able, and Lawyers, never got pulled in for the ride. Will give him another shot, though, on your commen-dation.
Date: 12/28/2008
Am a bit of Zevon fan, but never looked at him in depth. Would appreciate a download of this if it were possible...
Date: 10/5/2010
luvs some zevon. still makin mixes?