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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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write our names in fresh cement

Artist Song
blast off country style  you're mine 
loot   baby come closer 
travolta kids  unga herrar 
the field mice  if you need someone 
the parasites  i'm so happy now 
submarine races  postcard 
black & blues  come to me 
bill fox  bonded to you 
the pains of being pure at heart  kurt cobain's cardigan 
karen young  let's start the party again 
new arrivals  let's get with it 
blue  anything for you 
felt  tuesday's secret 
moscow olympics  still 
the chills  never never go 
small factory  happy to see 
all girl summer fun band  it's there 
riff doctors  turn me on 
the pastels  heavens above 
cosette  idealisation 
barbara manning  when i dream 
the knack  it's love baby (24 hours a day) 
nodzzz  city has no eyes 
marmoset  sky phenomenon 
the dentists  you make me say it somehow 
holly golightly  your love is mine 
simon joyner  i will find you 


for ken, on cd because his car recently decided to start devouring tapes. there's nothing like a boy who will put sex clark five & sparks on a crush mix for you! if anyone out there wants to trade mixes, PLEASE let me know! i need to start getting back into it.


Date: 1/4/2009
Looks like a fun mix whether it's a crush or not. The Travolta Kids name suddenly sounds as grim as Dead Kennedys.