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The Metal Connoisseur: Immortal

Artist Song
Immortal  Unholy Forces of Evil [7'' version] 
Immortal  The Sun No Longer Rises 
Immortal  Nebular Ravens Winter 
Immortal  Suns That Sank Below 
Immortal  Frostdemonstorm 
Immortal  Withstand the Fall of Time 
Immortal  Tragedies Blows at Horizon 
Immortal  Where Dark and Light Don't Differ 
Immortal  At the Heart of Winter 
Immortal  My Dimension 
Immortal  The Darkness That Embrace Me 
Immortal  Damned in Black 
Immortal  One by One 
Immortal  Within the Dark Mind 


As you may have noticed, a third of this is devoted to their much-revered "At the Heart of Winter" LP (except a pair of substandard tracks), a magnificent piece of, as they call it, "blackened thrash metal" that deserves its inclusion in the pantheon of most brilliant AND most important metal records of the 90s. When I listened to this for the first time I thought I was feeling the same thing that metalheads in the 80s felt when "Ride the Lightning" came out. Oh, well, that may be stretching it much, but I can't help it. The rest of this cd was quite hard to compile. Plenty of tracks were cut, but I'm happy with the results, as I think I gathered their best "pure black metal era" and post-ATHOW material, and almost all of their discography is represented here... alas, there is no track from "Battles in the North", as I thought no track from that album could replace the ones I choose. Have fun!