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Destination Bangor, Maine Vol 1

Artist Song
Country Weather  Fly To New York 
Alabama 3  Woke Up This Morning 
Fun Lovin' Criminals  King Of New York 
Hello  New York Groove 
Ella Fitzgerald  Manhatten 
New York Dolls  Subway Train 
Brian Woodbury  Take The J Train 
Duke Ellington  Take the A Train 
Bobby Darin  On Broadway 
Laura Nyro  Mercy On Broadway 
Dyke & the Blazers  Funky Broadway 
10cc  Wall St Shuffle 
HP Lovecraft  Country Boy & Bleeker Street 
The Tradewinds  New York's a Lonely Town 
Them  Mystic Eyes 
Bing Crosby & Judy Garland  Connecticut 
Blossom Dearie  Rhode Island Is famous For You 
Ike & Tina Turner  Sweet Rhode Island Red 
Sonic Youth  Providence 
Jimmy Giuffre Trio  Train & The River (Live at Newport) 
Mountain  Nantucket Sleighride 


Nostalgia for a time long departed, when the sun shone, the phrase "job security" wasn't an oxymoron and a pound could get you 2 dollars: August 2008.

Last year, for the family holiday we flew into (and out of) Newark & spent 2 weeks exploring New York & New England, tooling along the highways in a hired Dodge with Little Steven's Underground Garage blasting from the speakers.

It was my first time in this part of the States and every town, every road-sign, every street name seemed to bring forth musical associations. Inveterate list-maker that I am, it wasn't long before I was jotting them down with a view towards an aural souvenir. Here, in strictly chronological order, is the result.

Special tip o' the titfer to Riverwalk Records in Montpelier - I was only able to spe_nd an hour in there but still emerged with a trove of brilliant vinyl treasures. Cheers guys!

2 volumes: Vol One Here:


avocado rabbit
Date: 1/19/2009
This right up my alley, literally. I used to live in the neck of those woods and this mix makes me feel as if I was riding along in the Dodge. And you've got my favorite Mountain track for a closer.
Texas Hobart
Date: 1/19/2009
Nice one! I like both mixes very much.
Date: 1/21/2009
Makes me homesick. Thanks for the dl!