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Nu-Metal Mix

Artist Song
KoRn  Got The Life 
Limp Bizkit  Nookie 
pApA Roach  Last Resort 
Slipknot  Wait And Bleed 
MuDvAyNe  Dig 
Disturbed  Stupify 
Staind  Mudshovel 
incubus  Pardon Me 
Linkin Park  One Step Closer 
Ill Nino  What Comes Around 
S.O.A.D.  Sugar 
Static X  Push It 
Soulfly  Back To The Primative 
FLAW  Payback 
Drowning Pool  Bodies 
dope  Take Your Best Shot 
Powerman 5000  When Worlds Collide  
Coal Chamber  Loco 
Adema  Giving In 
Five Finger Death Punch  Never Enough 
40 Below Summer  Step Into The Sideshow 
Kittie  Brackish 


I've often hated the term- nu-metal. For some people it calls to mind posers, scorn, and lots and lots of dreadlocks. But it also calls to mind something more: my childhood and my discovery into heavy metal. You see, before I ever knew about Slayer or Manowar or even Deathspell Omega, I was pretty much a nu-metal kid. I didn't care. I was rocking out and learning what this heavy metal thing is all about: loud guitars, angry vocals, and lots of vulnerable emotion. I first saw the "Got The Life" video on MTV and from then on I was hooked. Korn represented cool to me. Limp Bizkit was my favorite band for years, until they made disappointing albums. I saw Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed" video and I was in awe. These guys were fucking crazy. I bought their first album. I saw Staind, Linkin Park, Static X, Ill Nino, Flaw, 40 Below Summer, and Adema live in concert with buddies and girls that I liked at the time. While listening to "Payback" on my cd player in class, I was harassed verbally by an upperclassmen in high school. That song helped me get through a very embarrassing and hurtful time. I saw Dave from Drowning Pool sing for one of his last times, days before he passed away. I was sad to hear that. This mix brings back lots of memories of my past- both musically and personally. I didn't include everyone- both for space reasons and because some bands I just wasn't into. That's why No One, Ultraspank, Apartment 26, Spineshank, Twisted Method (I saw them live), Puya etc. aren't on. That doesn't mean I forgot. I moved on, but I still listen to these bands from time to time and I still see some of them in concert. This mix represents a time in my life, of discovery and naivety, and rocking my pain away.
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