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More Gems from Rockin' Jim's Groove Yard

Artist Song
Al King  Reconsider Baby (1964)  
Christine Kittrell  I'm a Woman (1962) (orig) 
Ko Ko Taylor  Wang Dang Doodle (1966 #4, #58) 
Gino Parks  That's No Lie (1961) 
Ricky Allen  Cut You A-Loose (1963 #20, #126) 
Roy Lee Johnson  Black Pepper Will Make You Sneeze (1962) 
The Furys  Zing Went the Strings of My Heart (1962, 1963 #92) 
The Contours  It Must Be Love (1963) 
The Crescents  Pink Dominos (1963) 
Little E & The Mello Tone 3  Candy Apple Red Impala (1961) 
Billy Davis & The Legen_ds  Spunky Onions (1960) 
Chuck Edwards  Morning Train (1958) 
Sax Man Brown (J.T. Brown)  Sax Symphonic Boogie (1953) 
Clyde McPhatter  Before I Fall in Love Again (1960) 
Packers  Hole In The Wall (1965 #5, #43) 
Nat King Cole  Midnight Flyer (1959 #12, #51) 
Sonny Knight  If You Want This Love (1964, #71) 
Dee Dee Sharp  I Really Love You (1966 #37, 1965 #78) 
Theola Kilgore  This is My Prayer (1963, #60) 
Soul Brothers Six  I Can't Live Without You (1968) 
Johnny Nash  Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (1964) 
Marvin Jenkins  Big City (1965) 
Mongo Santamaria  Cold Sweat (1968 #49) 
Ray Ch_arles  At The Club (1962 #7, #44) 
Swamp Dogg  Synthetic World (1970) 
Righteous Brothers  B-Flat Blues (1964) 


This was the result of my frie_nd Jim loaning me six more of his Groove Yard CDs. I've cherry picked what I think was the best. None of the artists are
used more than once so I think it gives a good overview. The last one was not on his CDs but was mentioned by him while we ate fish burritos together at a Mexican restaurant. Anyway, hope you all enjoy his and my efforts.The first number following the year is the R&B ch_art position and the number following a comma is the ch_art position on the Pop listings.
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avocado rabbit
Date: 2/2/2009
Some promising material from under the r&b radar brought to light. There's no doubt I'll be listening to this.
Date: 2/3/2009
Thank you AND your frie_nd Jim for all this great music!