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Colored in the Key of D, part 2

Artist Song
Earth, Wind & Fire  Evil (1973 #50, R&B #25)  
Brass Construction  Movin' (Got Myself Together) (1976 #14, R&B #1) 
Rolls Royce  Car Wash (1977 #1, R&B 1976 #1) 
The Contours  First I Look at The Purse (1965 #57, R&B #12) 
Al Green  Sha La La (Make Me Happy) (1974 #7, R&B #2) 
Fats Waller  Everybody Loves My Baby (1940) 
Jr. Walker & The All Stars  Monkey Jump (1962) 
Bo Diddley  I Can Tell (1962) 
Otis Redding  Respect (1965 #35, R&B #4) 
The Temptations  I Couldn't Cry if I Wanted To (1966) 
The Marvelettes  Dont Mess With Bill (1966 #7, R&B #3) 
Little Jerry Williams (Swamp Dog)  I'm The Lover Man (1964) 
Clarence Carter  Sixty Minute Man (1973 #65, R&B #17) 
Sam & Dave  Soul Man (1967 #2, R&B #1)) 
James Brown  Cold Sweat, Part 1 (1967 #7, R&B #1) 
Pete Wingfield  Eighteen With A Bullet (1975 #15, R&B #15) 
Shirley & Lee  I'm Gone (1953, R&B #2) 
Jr. Walker & The Allstars  What Does It Take (To Win Your Love) (1969 #4, R&B #1) 
The Miracles  I Like It Like That (1964 #27, R&B #10) 
Mable John  Who Wouldn't Love a Man Like That (1960) 
Carolyn Crawford  My Smile Is Just a Frown (Turned Upside Down) (1965, R&B #39) 
Etta James  Its Too Soon To Know (1961 #54) 
Ella Fitzgerald  My Funny Valentine (1956) 
Sarah Vaughan  Till The En_d Of Time (1963) 
Ink Spots  My Prayer (1939 #3) 
Tommy Edwards  Please Love Me Forever (1958 #61) 
Louis Armstrong  What A Wonderful World (1968, 1988 #32, 1999 #53, R&B #57) 


Again, I used the MixMeister software to make this mix. For those who use the link and want to burn a CD from the files, you would need to set your options to remove any space between the tracks. This particular mix has quite a few that didn't ch_art (8 out of 27), plus 2 that only made the Pop ch_arts, and 2 that only made the R&B ch_arts. It also contains a few big hits (tracks 2, 3, 5, 11, 14, 15, 18 & 25). I save some of the more beautiful songs for the en_d, and most of those (tracks 22 to 26) are sel_ected with Valentine's Day in mind. That string of songs starts off with one by Etta James, and I chose her picture to represent the mix. Similar to the first part, the average year of all the songs on this mix is 1964. Hope you all like this as much as I enjoyed the final product.
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Date: 2/12/2009
The eternal Etta! Wonder how Beyonce will do in her bio pic?
This is even more fun that D Part I!!!