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A Long Way Down

Artist Song
The Violent Femmes  Kiss Off 
Radiohead  Talk Show Host (Martin) 
Annie Lennox  Dark Road (Maureen) 
The Kil!ers  When You Were Young (Jess) 
Alkaline Trio  Help Me (JJ) 
Jem  24 
Atreyu  Falling Down 
Joy Division  Disorder 
Franz Ferdinand  Come On Home 
Jimmy Eat World  The Middle 
Keane  Somewhere Only We Know 
Love Spit Love  Am I Wrong 
New Order  Regret 
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds  The Weeping Song 
REM  Low 
Real Life  Se nd Me An Angel 
Roseanne and Johnny Cash  September When It Comes 
Pink  I'm Not De@d 
The Talking Heads  Road To Nowhere 


Mix based on Nick Hornby's novel "A Long Way Down", in which four very diverse people: Martin-(a disgraced talk show host), Maureen-(Lonely middle aged single mother to a severly handicapped son), Jess-(mentally unst@ble teenage girl) and JJ-('never was' rock star), meet on the roof of a house where people go when they want to commit suicide.


Date: 2/20/2009
Moving and thoughtful.
Date: 4/14/2009
September When It Comes is an all-time favorite of mine.