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NewOrder - Deeper (Best of the non-singles) Disc 1

Artist Song
New Order  In a Lonely Place  
New Order  Dreams Never E nd 
New Order  Everything's Gone Green 
New Order  Cries and Whispers 
New Order  Age of Consent 
New Order  The Village 
New Order  5 8 6 
New Order  Your Silent Face 
New Order  Leave Me Alone 
New Order  Love Vigilantes 
New Order  Face Up 
New Order  1963 
New Order  Paradise 
New Order  All Day Long 


Some mixes are exploratory for me - I want to learn more about a band. Others, like this one, are celebrations of bands whose catalogs I know inside and out. New Order was a great singles band, but there is a lot of first-rate material lurking just below the surface.

I excluded all songs that were A-sides for regularly distributed singles released in the US or UK. Everything's Gone Green was released as a single only in Belgium or somewhere. The original 1963 was a B-side and only the 1994 remix was a single. Waiting for the Sirens' Call (Planet Funk Remix) from CD2 was the A-side of a 12" single, but I think only as part of a special 12x12 box set. And even though the original version was a single, this remix is too good to exclude.

Maybe I'll do a best of the remixes later.
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Date: 3/5/2009
Nice collection here. I agree with you that the NO catalog has a lot of great non-single material.
Darth Pazuzu
Date: 3/5/2009
Personally, I must admit to being a far bigger Joy Division fan than a New Order fan. In fact, the only thing I have by New Order in my collection is the Retro box set (meant to be a companion of sorts to JD's Heart And Soul). But I like quite a few of their songs, particularly Ceremony, Dreams Never En-d, Let's Go, Regret, Cries And Whispers, All Day Long, Temptation, Run Wild...and especially the rocking Slow Jam!!
Date: 4/14/2009
Not necessarily my bag, but that is my fault more than anything about the music. Well-done.