Love songs are for suckers & hard drugs are for lovers.

Artist Song
Emilyn Brodsky  New and Fun 
Dandelion Junk Queens  Dear Junk Beach 
Mischief Brew (with Guignol)  A Liquor Never Brewed 
Against Me!  You Look Like I Need A Drink 
The Sainte Catherines  The Shape of Drunks to Come 
Jawbreaker  Jet Black 
Firewater  Some Strange Reaction 
The Gun Club  Sex Beat 
O'Death  All The World 
Blackbird RAUM  Rubicon Drawn 
A Silver Mt. Zion  Built Then Burnt (Hurrah! Hurrah!) 
Queens of the Stone Age  Mosquito Song 
Agents Of Oblivion  E*dsmouth 
Spinnerette  Valium Knights 
Murder City Devils  I Drink The Wine 
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness  The Ghost 
Rasputina  Sign of the Zodiac 
Circus Contraption  We're All Mad 
Man Man  Mister Jung Stuffed 
World/Inferno Frie*dship Society  Tarot Americaine 
Tom Waits  LowDown 
Morphine  You Speak My Language 


Ah, crushes. Yep, another mix for a new crush of mine. Title from the Emilyn Brodsky track.


Date: 4/14/2009
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