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I hardly ever see you (and I'm to blame)

Artist Song
Hello Shark  Marry Me (Te nder Forever cover) 
The Free Design  Bubbles 
Girls  Lust for Life 
Erin Tobey  Realer 
Jametatone and the Evolove Vortex  Electricksters 
Vollmar  Who Have You Never Spoken With (Spilled Upon the Ground)? 
Deer Tick  Ashamed 
His Name is Alive  *C*A*T*S* 
Prince  Starfish and Coffee 
Super Famicom  It's Okay 
Dennis Driscoll  I Hardly Ever See You 
Erin Tobey  Water Song 
Perry Como  Catch a Falling Star 
Unbunny  We're All Gonna Die 
Stevie Wonder  Happier Than the Morning Sun 
Lord Invader & His Calypso Rhythm Boys  You Don't Need Glasses to See 
Aphid Ant Constructions  Avian Melancholy 
Viking Moses  Werewolves in the City (Quem Quaeritis cover) 
Matty Pop C hart  For Amina 
Destroyer  Trembling Peacock 
Tiny Pies  When I Was Out Skatin' 
Dustin and the Furniture  Cold Lamp with You 
iron like nylon  it's a party 
Wabash  Sweaters 
Juana Molina 
A Wonderful  New Home 
Spencer Kingman  Vietnam Malaria Nostalgia 
The Lovin Spoonful  Coconut Grove 


for Zeb


avocado rabbit
Date: 3/19/2009
From Perry Como to the Lovin Spoonful to Deer Tick, it's quite an eclectic compilation. Should be interesting to hear, though.
Date: 4/17/2009
I second the Rabbit's opinion.